Rock Solid Assurance Policy

We have been installing below ground tornado shelters in Tennessee for 10 years now! If there's anything we have learned, it's that Tennessee has a lot of rock beneath the surface. An average install takes 1-2 days, but if the team hits rock while digging it can take much longer. 

Rather than charging the customer for each day we 
are digging, we created the Rock Solid Assurance Policy. It's a non-refundable insurance policy of $850 that means we (National  Storm Shelters) will remove any and all rock no matter how many days it takes.

Some decide not to purchase the policy and take the risk of hitting rock. If the install team hits rock on the first day, the customer will be charged $375. For each day after, the customer is charged $975 with a max of $4,275 out of pocket.

Our longest running below ground install took SIX days! Limestone was the verdict, and our team was relentless in removing it. The customer was very happy that they purchased the Rock Solid Assurance Policy.

If you don't know what is under your garage or are unsure about purchasing the policy, a great next step is talking to people in your neighborhood. Here are a few questions to ask:
  • Did you hit rock when building your fence?
  • Did you hit rock when digging your pool?
  • Ask your builder/contractor what is under your garage.